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Zoning Code Update Process Headed For April Hearing Date With Denver City Council | Print |  E-mail

by Paul Kashmann

As the new year dawns, the first major rewrite of Denver’s zoning code in more than 50 years is headed for an April public hearing before City Council.

Denver’s Department of Community Planning & Development had originally hoped to guide the rewrite to Council by February, but numerous updates of the draft code as well as repeated public airings of the changes have led to the delay.

The current schedule that will guide the new code to Council is as follows:

Jan. 18 – Posting of the fourth and final draft of the new code online at www.newcodedenver.org.

Feb. 17 – Denver Planning Board public hearing, after which the Board will forward a recommendation to City Council.

March 10 – City Council’s Blueprint Denver Committee will consider the new code and decide whether to approve filing a bill for adoption by the full council.

March 16 – Mayor Hickenlooper and City Council review and discuss Blueprint Denver’s recommendation.

March 18 – Community Planning & Development will file a formal bill calling on City Council to adopt the new code.

March 22 – First reading of the new code ordinance before City Council.

April 19 – City Council will hold a public hearing and final vote on the proposed ordinance adopting the new code.

For more information, visit www.newcodedenver.org.

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