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Will The Next Profile Publisher Please Stand Up? | Print |  E-mail

by Paul Kashmann

In 1978, Deborah Wiig (then Brown) gave birth to the publication you have set before you, because she recognized that residents of central and south-central Denver were in need of a medium that would keep them abreast of issues and information affecting their lives and those of their friends, their families and their community.

Typewritten articles were churned out as “galleys” on rudimentary typesetting equipment, run through the waxer and laid out on “flats” by hand along with advertisements created with a similar craftsmanship. And the resulting layout was prepared for the printing press in a “back-in-the-day-style” stripping department and finally put on to paper as black ink on white newsprint.

Since ownership was passed in this direction in 1983, we have endeavored to honor that same mission, presenting a continuing flow of the basic who, what, where, when, and why of day-to-day life, as well as shining a light on bigger issues that have an impact lasting far longer than the next month’s edition. We have tried to give equal time to the many sides of all issues. To sing praises and call to task. Doing well at times on all counts, and failing more than we might like to admit at others.

Now, most information comes our way on line, is edited electronically, laid out on-screen, interspersed with ads built with state-of-the-art software, sent to our printer over DSL lines and printed with an endless array of colors just like the big boys.

A few months back we alluded to the fact that the time was not far off when someone else would need to guide this project into the next few decades. That there were other challenges calling out that might demand attention. Well, folks, those challenges have called and the time is far less distant for that new pilot to make him or herself known.

In mid-April I filed papers to run as a candidate to represent District 6 on the Denver City Council in the May 2015 election. I look forward to the campaign.

Regardless of the outcome of that contest, the time has come for a new face to step forward and take on the role of publisher of Washington Park Profile. There are other fine news journals serving nearby neighborhoods with some overlap with The Profile, but we feel strongly that the community we serve demands a voice speaking to and for the greater area that holds the Washington Park neighborhoods at its center.

And, we feel that community deserves a publisher willing to remain doggedly independent, providing a platform for the multitude of voices calling out when a matter arises in which they have interest. Developers, neighbors and city officials all have a role in determining policies that guide our city’s growth, and all deserve a place at the table and their space in print. We include businessfolk and residents – that means homeowners and renters – under the umbrella of “neighbor.”

While many of the neighborhoods we serve find themselves in good shape, with strong schools, a vibrant commercial sector and a stable home stock, all of these situations can change if we cease to pay attention to what is going on around us. Our readers need to remain informed, because their participation in their governance is essential. So often the call for participation is heard as a call to arms, as an opposition force. But rather it is simply a reminder that we live with a government of, by and for the people, and though we elect representatives to carry part of the weight, the heavy lifting remains our responsibility. We must speak up at every chance, offering not just our critique but our ideas.

Newspapers – print and electronica alike – are critical to the exercise of our freedoms. A populace must remain informed. We look forward to meeting the person or persons who will ultimately step forward to report the news to those who now look to these pages to stay abreast.

I have determined that my time at Washington Park Profile will come to a close no later than February 6, 2015. It is not my intention for that to be the final edition under The Profile banner, just the last one under my guidance.

Between now and then we will keep you well informed, and look forward to letting others know how you feel about life in the neighborhoods of central, south-central and near southeast Denver.

Because, ultimately, it is your voice that matters on these pages, not mine. We’ll see you here next month, and we look forward to that.

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