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February 2015 • Online Edition

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"Thanks" just barely covers the years

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BUSINESS: CC Sears / Red Coral shut their doors

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Lewark finds life energy between the bones

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READER'S PEN: Factory farming's first deception

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REP VIEW: Reality check: Colorado's draft water plan

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University Park News & Views | Print |  E-mail

by Diana Helper

For this wondrous monthly paper

With intelligence and heart,

Here’s a Valentine for Kashmann

... Who is ready to depart.

... and we wish him well in his candidacy for City Council District 6! He surely knows all about this neighborhood. In fact, if he’s been reading this column for the past 28 years (And of course he Has) he knows a lot about all neighborhoods, for UPark is a sort of microcosm, and might be called Universe-ity Park.