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November 2014 • Online Edition

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To give thanks requires action, more than words

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BUSINESS: Denver’s oldest boulevard continues to evolve

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Pat Lovett helps neighbors help themselves

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THE HOLIDAYS: Let the fun begin, from Chatfield to Lowry

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MUSIC SCENE: Denver is among the go-to towns for live music

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Wash Park Upgrades

Better Late Than ...

Dear Editor:

Just a quick note on parks. After many years as a casual Wash Park user/visitor, it’s been fascinating to see the      new additions appear this summer. Too bad World War III between neighbors, users and Parks & Rec was necessary to get kinda basic customer-friendly add-ons – prominent rules-holding sandwich board signs at entrances, and an adequate number of porta-potties – in the park. (I’ve even seen similar new additions at other Denver parks this summer.) To think a little planning and management long, long ago could’ve minimized – or even avoided all of the “hostilities” and made the parks better for everyone.

Marty Amble