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January 2015 • Online Edition

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Thanks for doing heavy lifting

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BUSINESS: Alliance supports youth biz efforts

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Shure seeks answers to 9/11 questions

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FOR THE BIRDS: Carbon tax aids species on the brink

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RAIL YARD: Free skiing & boarding at Ruby Hill Park

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The Credit Goes To Those Living The Tales That Were Told – I Simply Wrote Them Down | Print |  E-mail

by Paul Kashmann

Those of you who visit this page on a regular basis are probably aware this column, and the one to follow in February will be my last as publisher of Washington Park Profile. I am off to other challenges after a most astounding stay at 617 E. Jewell Ave.

Fran Shure: A Spiritual Issue Not To Be Silent About 9/11 | Print |  E-mail

by Susan Dugan

Right after 9/11, I remember talking to my women’s group and saying I just don’t think this could have happened without someone knowing about it and allowing it to,” says Fran Shure. “It was totally intuitive, because I knew nothing. And that was received with a lot of censoring remarks. I just looked at them and said, you know, I have the right to think the unthinkable and I’m going to look into this. And lo and behold, a video came my way and then a book and I was in shock, like most people would be, reading about evidence that showed we were not told the truth about what happened on 9/11.”


Audubon Bird Counts: Carbon Tax Will Aid Species On The Brink | Print |  E-mail

by Kathleen Wells & Polly Reetz


It is hard to imagine a world stripped of birds – their beauty, flight, and song – one in which the only thing we have left of these lovely creatures is verbal description. In the advent of the global climate crisis, this may be our future.

Rebel Rousers – News from South High School | Print |  E-mail




Year’s end is always a time of reflection and appreciation for the community we create. As such, Denver South High School would like to thank Washington Park Profile for generously providing us the medium in which to celebrate our neighborhood school.

     From Trevonte “Tank” Tasco, one of the outstanding football players at Denver South, nominated as “player with the most impressive season” on a 9News Preps Poll – to not only 11 student singers being selected for the 83rd DPS Citywide Honor Choir, but student Leah Weitzner selected for All State Choir – accomplishment abounds.

University Park News & Views | Print |  E-mail

by Diana Helper

The time hath come, this paper’s

changing hands, no way of knowing

if the new folks want to keep

this longtime column going!

So here’s the news as far ahead

as our calendar is showing.

The Board of UPCC (University Park Community Council) is never bored, and will be mulling many matters on Tues., January 6. If you have items for the agenda, please contact UPCC Pres. Traci Smaras, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or 303-282-7281.

Clean Tools, Rescue Plants: Gather Quiet Like Wise Trees | Print |  E-mail

by Joan Hinkemeyer


January may seem like the depths of winter elsewhere, but we Colorado gardeners are already thinking of      the new planting season. Blame this on our bright sunny January days, steadily growing longer. After all, what green-thumber can resist the sun’s cheerful rays? On snow-free days we find ourselves poking under leaves or scanning foundations for slips of green even though our rational selves say, “It’s far too early. So, how do we survive?”