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August 2014 • Online Edition

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Community – “You’ve got to work at it.”

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PEOPLE: Gardener's harvest reaches those without

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TRASH: Denver plots new waste pickup plan

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LETTERS: Transit, paving, climate change addressed

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SUMMER FUN: There’s still time to smile in the great outdoors

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“Community” Does Not Come Prefabricated: You Need To Work At It To Make It Grow | Print |  E-mail

by Paul Kashmann

Community: Definition 1, noun, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

This is nice.

Baker-Breningstall: Artistry, Stewardship Frame Daily Life | Print |  E-mail

by Susan Dugan

Donna Baker-Breningstall may not have been born with a green thumb, but you’d never know it from the garden outside the log home she and her husband, Orvin, remodeled on the eastern edge of University Park – a bucolic oasis just blocks from busy Colorado Blvd.

Dumpsters Take A Dive: Carts Will Chart A New Course | Print |  E-mail

by Charlotte Pitt, Manager
Denver Recycles/Solid Waste Mgmt.
City & County of Denver

Like all industries, the waste collection business is always changing and evolving.

Letters To The Editor | Print |  E-mail

Transplant Covets True Transit Options

Kelly Armida Jodszuweit: S. Pearl St. Friend Recalled | Print |  E-mail

by Peter Tonks

Kelly and I met in the autumn of 1998 walking our dogs in Harvard Gulch.

University Park News & Views | Print |  E-mail

by Diana Helper

Things to do in Aug:
Go for a jaug, walk the daug,
your travelaug,
Or, all agaug, dialaug,
With a pedigaug, (or demigaug!)
Kiss a fraug, or polliwaug,
Drink some graug – in a faug –
Here’s to Aug!

Bumper Bounty, Beetles & Bindweed – August Has It All! | Print |  E-mail

by Joan Hinkemeyer

August is a month for viewing the bounty of nature. During the final real month of summer when glorious bird serenades of early morning have been replaced by the hypnotic lull of afternoon insect hums, we need to pause and really see the bounty of our gardens.